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Want to keep current with the latest news coming out of ProTeam Corvette? This is the place. These are the press releases we've issued over the past several months or so. Check back regularly for updates. -
Date Click on headline to read/download/print Press Release
01.15.2016 To Live and Breathe Corvettes. Feature Article By Chelsey Hinsenkamp, editorial staff Mecum Auctions
07.24.2015 Two ProTeam Corvettes Reach Rare Air with Prestigious American Heritage Awards (pdf 36K)
02.12.2015 "The Untold Story of #211 the 1953 NASCAR Corvette Unit" Book Relase (pdf 33K)
04.18.2014 Terry Michaelis Featured in New Barn Found Book (pdf 50K)
03.01.2014 Terry Michaelis is inducted into Bloomington Gold Great Hall 2014 (pdf 51K)
09.18.2013 Dick Lang’s Z06 Tanker Race Car Wins Best in Class at Dayton Concours d’Elegance (pdf 32K)
08.21.2013 ProTeam Corvette wins American Heritage award with Dick Lang’s 1963 Z06 Race Car (pdf 33K)
07.08.2013 ProTeam Corvettes Go 3 for 3 at Bloomington Benchmark Judging (pdf 33K)
06.21.2013 ProTeam’s ex-Dick Lang Z06 Tanker Race Car Wins Awards at Ault Park Concours (pdf 68K)
11.14.2012 Rare Corvettes Reunited at ProTeam NCRS Event (pdf 68K)
12.12.2010 Legendary Driver Tony DeLorenzo & his Equally Famous Corvette Reunite for a Long Weekend (pdf 32K)
11.12.2010 Keith Martin's Corvette Market Seminar 2011 Terry Michaelis among invited expert Panelist (pdf 30K)
06.04.2010 Terry Michaelis on Selection Committee for The "Exclusive" Great Hall (pdf 32K)
03.27.2008 Capitalize on Currency (pdf 52K)
03.12.2008 ProTeam's 1965 Corvette Convertible with 267,464 Actual Miles (pdf 40K)
02.07.2008 50th Anniversary Collections Featured at Spring Chevy Vette Fest (pdf 37K)
11.20.2007 Six for Six (6-4-6) at the Chevy Vette Fest... 100% (pdf 40K)
11.14.2007 ProTeam Corvette Hosts NCRS Technical Seminar (pdf 2.2mb)
10.16.2007 ProTeam Shoots for Six Triple Crown Awards at VetteFest (pdf 44K)
10.03.2007 ProTeam Corvette Helps Enthusiasts Buy Corvettes Sight Unseen (pdf 36K)
09.07.2007 ProTeam Sells Star Spangled Collection for $353,000.00 (pdf 32K)
09.05.2007 Bid With Confidence - 48 hour/24 mile money back guarantee (pdf 32K)
08.20.2007 Star Spangled Corvette Collection - red, white, & blue '54 Corvettes to be sold as one lot (pdf 3MB)
07.25.2007 Corvette Market - Today (Investment article) (pdf 60K)
07.11.2007 ProTeam Corvette Celebrates Two Decades Collecting and Selling the American Dream (pdf 20K)
06.27.2007 ProTeam President Terry Michaelis on the Current Corvette Marketplace (pdf 64K)
06.13.2007 ProTeam President Terry Michaelis Shares News and Views on Corvette Blog (pdf 28K)
05.15.2007 ProTeam Acquires Unique 1965 Corvette Coupe Swiss Racer (pdf 32K)
02.23.2007 ProTeam Adds Steve Joice to Sales Force (pdf 36K)
02.21.2007 Tour ProTeam's Impressive Collection On-Line (pdf 36K)
01.20.2007 The Last Sting Ray Crosses the Block in Scottsdale (video 6min, 35 sec)
01.06.2007 The Rise of a Corvette Empire (pdf 44K)
11.06.2006 "LAST" (TM) STING RAY CONQUERS LAS VEGAS - ProTeam?fs ?e67 is Toast of 2006 SEMA Show (pdf 64K)
10.30.2006 ProTeam Enters Nine Corvettes for VetteFest Awards (pdf 40K)
10.16.2006 ProTeam's 'Last'(TM) Corvette Sting Ray To Star In Speed Channel Series (pdf 35K)
10.04.2006 ProTeam's "Last" (TM) Hurrah - 18 month journey ends in Scottsdale (pdf 56K)
09.18.2006 Last' But Certainly Not Least • The Last C2 Corvette Built Garners Attention Across the Country (pdf 48K)
09.18.2006 ProTeam to auction off ultimate Split Window Tanker Collection at BJ... Buckeye Bookends! (pdf 40K)
09.015.2006 ProTeam's ‘Last’ (TM) Corvette Sting Ray to be displayed at SEMA in Barrett-Jackson Booth (pdf 52K)
08.26.2006 The “Last” 1967 Corvette Sting Ray produced will cross the auction block in Scottsdale (pdf 36K)
08.10.2006 QUICK FACTS • ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales (pdf 44K)
08.6.2006 ProTeam’s ‘Last’ (TM) Corvette Earns Lion Award During Annual ‘Parade of Elegance’ (pdf 48K)
07.15.2006 ProTeam's "Last"(TM) to be displayed at Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance (pdf 60K)
07.3.2006 ProTeam Stocks Up at Bloomington Gold (pdf 52K)
06.15.2006 CORPORATE PROFILE • ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales (pdf 40K)
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