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The ProTeam Parts Department has listed below many of the Corvette parts in stock. If you do not find what you are looking for, we prefer an email or call 419-592-9212. Keep in mind, we do not generally stock late model corvette parts. Have a specific question or request - fred

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Rare Corvette Parts: 1960-61 F.I. unit pt. no. 7017320, $4,500.00; 1962 F.I. engine with F.I. unit, distributor, air cleaner, dated T-10 transmission, 901/902 exhaust manifolds, starter, generator, bell housing, oil filter, canister and shifter, (rebuilt) – (dated J-4-1, stamped F1012RF – 2102515) photoed above, $22,500.00; 1963 F.I. engine with F.I. unit, distributor, shielding, exhaust manifolds, alternator, water pump and fan (rebuilt) dated A-23-3 and stamped F0204RF with no VIN (appears OEM stamp and pad) photoed above, $22,500.00; 1964-65 F.I. unit with distributor pt. no. 7017380 (rebuilt), $9,000.00; 1965 NOS transistorized F.I. distributor, $2,500.00; 1960-62 RPO-687 heavy duty brakes and suspension still on rolling chassis; 1960 HD rear big brake shocks pt. no. 5554593 dated 3-A-60; and 1958-59 low script valve covers… much more 1953-75 parts available. Email: on F.I. motors

Other Rare Corvette Parts Available at ProTeam: 1956-’61 radiator, used, original, $150.00; 1958-’62 heater assembly, $500.00; 1963-’67 1-pair vent window assembly, convertible, $1,200.00; 1964-’66 teakwood steering wheel, original, $2,000.00; 1965-’66 rear end FB 7-13-65, $1,500.00; 1966-’68 327-350, air cleaner lid, original, $250.00; 1967 Tri-Power Carb/Air Cleaner Stud (original), $100.00; 1967 rear end FB 11-22-66, $1,500.00. Also have 1953-75 hardtops, 1956-75 AK carpet, seat covers, door panels, convertible tops, engine blocks, heads, intakes, exhaust manifolds, cranks, pistons, rods, carbs, distributors, and tin for 1953 to 1972 Chevrolet and Corvettes (mostly). Too much to list or catalog. Email:

This collection also includes hoods, bumpers, shielding, engine, and chassis parts and a lot of 1953-75 interior trim.

Rare Camaro ZL1 Motor Assembly (1969)… has just been found by ProTeam. Cast # 3946052, VIN # 19N615242, Stamp pad T0310ML, Carb 3955205 List 4296, Intake 3933198, Heads 3946074. Also Connecting rods, damper, pistons, tin, etc. This is from a Gib Chevrolet car # 42 (Lemans Blue ZL1 Coupe), transferred (Chevrolet Redistribution) to Lustine Chevrolet in Maryland and became the famous Macolm Durham “Strip Blazer Jr.” race car and was editorialized in the November 1969 Hot Rod Magazine with photo. We are looking for the remains of this car but have been unsuccessful over the last 3 years so this motor is for sale for $29,995.00! email:

ProTeam Classic Corvettes - New and Used Corvette Parts ProTeam Classic Corvettes - New and Used Corvette Parts ProTeam Classic Corvettes - New and Used Corvette Parts ProTeam Classic Corvettes - New and Used Corvette Parts


CORVETTE/CHEVYCASTINGS: HEADS, INTAKES AND BLOCKS. LITERALLY THOUSANDS!About any part number or date imaginable... Corvette Parts Wanted!!!!

We buy selected parts. email with your list... email only

Please write, email, or fax us your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: ProTeam is not in the parts business but we do have excess parts from time to time. Do write or fax ProTeam with your parts wish list Unless listed above. THANK YOU

Also, check out ProTeam Corvette Parts at our eBay Parts Store

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