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Have you seen ProTeam or our classic Corvettes in the news? Email Members of the media: Many of the below referenced clips have corresponding material in the form of press releases and/or photos on our ProTeam Corvette Media Pages. To access all the media material, click here

On The Road with the Personal Reserve Collection... is rewarding for many cars from ProTeam's Personal Reserve Collection with Bloomington, NCRS, & national awards. Many of the awards are the Bloomington Gold certificate, Bloomington Survivor certificate, Bloomington Benchmark certificate, Bloomington Special Collection, NCRS Flight certificate, NCRS Bowtie award, and NCRS PV (Performance Verification). These results speak loudly as to the quality and correctness of ProTeam's Corvette. Questions or comments? Email:

The Recent Sportscar Market Magazine Poll... found the black 1967 L88 Corvette convertible as the best value of the Monterey auctions that took place August 12th-15th, 2010 as it only fetched $1.3 million. This beautiful ex-Tony DeLorenzo race car is (a) one of twenty ever built, (b) the only black L88 convertible, (c) the first production L88 ever produced and has been awarded NCRS and Bloomington's top awards including the Bloomington Gold Special Collection. This beauty now resides in Fred and Terry's Personal Reserve Collection and can be viewed in person or click here to see it online.

Tony DeLorenzo (part 1)... Recently participated in a hi-def video shoot on November 18th, 2010 at ProTeam's Napoleon, Ohio location. Tony's ex-first production RPO-L88 race car was the featured backdrop with Tony and Chris Cooper (his mechanic/team member) answering questions about their A-Production L88 Corvette and their SCCA participation that led to a title win in the 1967 run-offs. The planned two-hour shoot turned into a five-hour informative and passionate historical covering Tony's early life, family, friends, career, and racing. Questions or comments, email:

Tony DeLorenzo (part 2)... was recently reunited with his ex-1967 Black L88 race car on November 20th/21st, 2010 at the Chicago Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show. Tony D's name and L88 Corvettes are synonymous as Tony started his Corvette racing career in the very first production L88... a triple black convertible that he raced A-Production and thrashed in 1967 to win a title in SCCA run-offs, prior to moving on in 1968 and 1969 in Owens-Corning backed L88's. Tony DeLorenzo was one of the most editorialized racers of his time and volumes are available for your read online, google, or other search engines. This very special spotlight display helped the MCACN crew achieve its goal of raising the bar for specialty indoor automotive events. Questions or comments, email:

ProTeam Scores a 3 For 3... with three Triple Diamond awards at the Chicago Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show on November 20th/21st, 2010. All three Corvettes, 1) 1967 Black L88 PRC.56, 2) 1968 Red L88 PRC.30, 3) 1971 Green LS6/ZR2 PRC.55 are past Bloomington Gold award winners and were invited for display in past Bloomington Gold Special Collections and are now in ProTeam's Personal Reserve Collection. They are among the rarest of rare and are historically important and can be viewed online but better yet, see them at ProTeam in Napoleon, Ohio on your next visit. Questions or comments, email:

14 Project Cars (Corvettes)... have arrived. These Corvettes were purchased from a south central collector and feature rock solid frames. They include model years 1953 through 1962 with some duplication. Go to to see photos, micro-descriptions, and prices. I urge your personal inspection ASAP before they are cherry-picked by dealers. Questions? Email:

20 Years as Part of The NCM... Since Dane Gale's original concept turned dream into reality in 1994, Terry Michaelis and ProTeam Corvette have been part of the National Corvette Museum. Terry was recently recognized for celebrating 20 years as a continual contributing member. He shares the honor with nearly 50 Corvette clubs, collectors, and enthusiasts worldwide. The Museum hosts dozens of events, plant tours, and thousands of the Corvette faithful every year. NCM has been able to celebrate the new generation while never failing to pay homage to the Corvette heritage. It is this devotion to the Corvette hobby that will keep Terry and consequently, ProTeam Corvette, a member for the foreseeable future. Like to be a member? Go to the and join today.

On The Road with the Personal Reserve Collection... was rewarding during 2010 for many cars from ProTeam's Personal Reserve Collection with 29 Bloomington, NCRS, & national awards. Many of the awards are the Bloomington Gold certificate, Bloomington Survivor certificate, Bloomington Benchmark certificate, Bloomington Special Collection, NCRS Flight certificate, NCRS Bowtie award, and NCRS PV (Performance Verification). These results speak loudly as to the quality and correctness of ProTeam's Corvette. Questions or comments? Email:

Spectacular Tan/Tan 1963 Coupe... 1963 Corvette split window coupe (Stk #1049B)   VIN #30837S107960. Original Vin and Trim Tags, Saddle Tan/Saddle Tan. RPO L76 327-340 hp, 4 speed, Numbers Match. Equipment: radio, PB, Tinted Glass, white walls, cast aluminum K.O. wheels (5), leather. Most all factory correct components are in place including Bow Tie Mirror, Air Cleaner, Complete Ignition Shielding, Jack, Tool, K/O Hammer, Matching Spare Wheel and Tire, Hood Tin, Seat Belts, Windshield Washer System, Up-Graded Battery, New Chrome all around. Not your Average 47 year old Restored Split Window Corvette. Professionally prepared for the Concourse show circuit... over restored? Most common reaction it invokes is  "It's Spectacular." The first indication that you are in the presence of a special automobile is the incredible paint. The engine compartment the detail and luster of the components make their own statement. The under carriage is new. The Interior is perfect in every way adorned with factory correct leather trim it even smells like it should. The restoration of this No Hit Washington State rust-free completed in '06. The gratification you will feel when it is parked on the concourse show field will be priceless. We invite you to inspect the other 100 (+) Corvettes as exemplary as this 1963 in person at our special cars display room, Bring a camera. For more information, email:

1964 Corvette GM Styling Car (Coupe) Custom... was built by Bill Mitchell's GM Styling Studio for Ozzie Olson of of the Olsonite Company, a famed industrialist and Indy 500 sponsor of the Dan Gurney built Eagle Indy 500 Race Cars, The Olsonite Eagles.  Found and owned for 25 years by Werner Meier of Madison Heights, Michigan who put it on display at the Gilmore Museum for 12 years before reluctantly selling the car to the Bob McDorman Collection of Canal Winchester, Ohio. Some of the special modifications and Mitchell's trademarked features are six taillights, custom one-of-a-kind side exhaust, custom floor grates, modified lower front fenders, GM styling emblems, special sting ray emblems, custom vanity mirrors, Dayton wire wheels, Pearlescent Fire Mist paint and a special "spec" paint code on the body/trim tag. Optioned with 327-300 hp numbers matching motor, powerglide, factory air, power steering, power brakes, power windows, leather, 3.36 posi, AM/FM radio, back-up lights, tinted glass, and gold stripe tires, although at one time they were blue stripe tires. Painted Pearlescent Blue Fire Mist with White/Dark Blue interior which is original and nice and has most all its factory correct components. Indicated miles read 51,049 which could be original considering the minimal wear on the original interior. Paint code is spec. Interior code is 899GA. The body number is 1985. The engine code is SL which indicates 300 hp/automatic/air and appear original to this car. This unique Corvette is an important part of another fascinating chapter in the story of GM's Bill Mitchell and his GM Styling Studio as many one-off components eventually evolved into production Corvettes. This particular Corvette has been highly editorialized including a four page color article in Corvette Fever magazine and invited to and judged at the 4th Annual Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance on February 19th-21st, 2010. Email: for more information or click here for photos.

Pontiac Trans-Am Experimental Prototype Kammback Concept... is VIN #0000EX4796 and a genuine former General Motors test platform (mule) equipped with G-code HO V8 5 speed, factory air, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power door locks, cruise, tilt, AM/FM stereo cassette, glass T-Tops, and Pontiac TA mag wheels. Extensively shown and promoted at auto shows, as well as in magazines. EX4796 was put into service as a Pace Car for the PPG and IMSA Race Series for 1985 with a roof mount light bar and two-way communications equipment. The Kammback Concept failed to advance after 1985, however, this car was stored at GM for 13 years in the Pontiac Engineering Car Collection until a local Detroit area Pontiac dealer and collector, John McMullen, was able to acquire it. Experimental cars normally go to the crusher but this one, by the good graces of Pontiac, escaped and has survived. While in the McMullen collection, this car was professionally restored in meticulous detail by Scott Tiemann of Supercar Specialties of Portland, Michigan right down to the undercarriage white floor pans, prior to being sold to the John O'Quinn collection in 2007. The White exterior is graced by Dove Gray leather interior trim and is in outstanding condition, as is the engine compartment and undercarriage. The Kammback Concept has been editorialized by Motor Trend magazine (cover & multi-page spread) in June 1977 and August 1985 (This car), and we possess a 3-ring binder of this car's history, the McMullen collection, the John O'Quinn collection, Scott Tiemann's Supercar Specialties, the Kammback Concept & history which is also all available on the Internet. We also have a letter from (PHS) Pontiac Historical Services which further documents this car, its story, and history. Now part of ProTeam's Personal Reserve Collection. Email: or click here for photo.

50th Anniversary of the Corvette's Greatest Achievement... is coming soon as September 17th, 2012 marks 50 years to the day when the Chevrolet Corvette was transformed into the iconic 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe which is now a milestone and what we believe is the most significant event in Corvette history, thanks in part to the efforts of GM's Bill Mitchell, Larry Shinoda, and Zora Arkus Duntov. Thousands of photos grace the internet and past magazine articles as the 1963 Split Window Coupe represents a hallmark of the famed Stingray and its design is endless without peers. Few car collections, personal or commercial, are without one such example. Comments? Email:

ProTeam's 1965 Corvette Suisse Racer... was invited to the Corvettes at Carlisle Corvette Race Car Reunion this last August 28th to 30th, 2009. The Carlisle Race Car Reunion happens every five years where the Carlisle team recognizes all the Corvette race car years from 1953 to 2009. ProTeam's Suisse Racer is a Red/Red 396-425 hp, export coupe with a special Suisse homolagation tag and F.I.A. paperwork. For more information on this unique piece of history, go to

The Ultimate Mid-Year Bookends... as authored by Terry Michaelis of ProTeam will give a reader Terry's personal perspective of his choices, colors, condition, and price range. This is a short read and worthy of your time so go to and read this short article and email your comments to

ProTeam Presents the 2009 Corvettes at Carlisle Giveaway... ProTeam Corvette has teamed-up with Carlisle Productions in presenting the 2009 Corvettes at Carlisle Corvette Giveaway during the three day event August 28th-30th. The keys to the 2004 Millennium Yellow LS1 Corvette will be handed-over to one lucky winner during Corvettes at Carlisle on August 30th. One lucky entrant will be driving home a road-hungry, track-ready, and street-legal machine. The Millennium Yellow Corvette LS1 (350 hp) with 6-speed transmission. The only criteria to enter to win is to be on the fairgrounds during the three day Carlisle event. For more information, go to visit or call (717) 243-7855.

Harvest Gold 1955 Corvettes... are among the rare of rare with a total one year production of 120. The 1955 Corvette is also the first year of the V-8 engine. Check out ProTeam's new arrival Stock #NSN-RM which has been NCRS Top Flighted as recently as September 2008, Bloomington certified, and editorialized in Vette magazine. A dynamic color combination.!!!

Corvette Prices Over The Last 3 Decades... have a proven analytical track record that has now been illustrated by author, Terry Michaelis, and put in graph form and come from actual sales made by the author. There were many highs and lows during this 30 year span, ie: recessions, wars, high interest, low interest, many elections, October '87 stock market melt down, '89/'91 classic & sports car boom/bust, end of the cold war, tech market boom/bust, 9/11, mortgage boom/bust, an impending global financial zero hour, and now the September '08 Wall Street/Big Three meltdown, and the Washington bailout. Time will only tell what the next decade has in mind for classic car and in particular Corvette prices, as many now are pursuing their needs over their desires and with any reward there is a degree of risk. The classic Corvette is a proven investment for both pocketbook and garage, take advantage of the current lull in the Corvette price storm and don't get left behind this time around. Check out an example of Corvette Prices over the last 3 decades.

Corvettes Wanted! We are still buying Corvettes even when others won't or can't! I have buyers with money who want specific cars... Barn Finds... L88's... Fuelies... Big Blocks... 2009 ZR1's... Split Windows... email: or go to (Blog Heaven) - 40 years of Corvette Scholarship... You think you know the Corvette but would you like to hear the rest of the story? Insight into Corvette collecting, the hobby, and market trends is available on-line. Think of as insider trading to the real world business of Corvette collecting. Have a question that you would like commented on? email:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions... What is the best investment Corvette to buy? Do you see the bubble bursting onCorvette prices? Do you allow test drives? What does numbers match mean? If I buy your car and do not like it... what then?.... To see many other questions and answers go to ProTeam Corvette's FAQ page

Testimonials... Check out what our customers and visitors have to say at the big located at: where you'll read hundreds of letters and remarks from our customer/visitor base... why? Because there is nothing in the world like ProTeam where we are one of one!!!

Media Cooperation... ProTeam has and will continue to cooperate with media (print, audio, film) as it relates to the Corvette… So, if you’re looking for material and or the use of a Corvette(s) for an article or news worthy story, contact Beth Waisner at

THE THREE REASONS to NOT purchase a Classic ProTeam Corvette... 1. You hate being the center of attention: 2. Your rocking chair provides all the excitement you need: 3. You think the Edsel was a great sports car

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