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Top 17 Reasons to Buy a ProTeam Corvette
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  1. Over 40 YEARS IN BUSINESS - - Yes, the Michaelis family members were pioneers in the Corvette related business. Dues have been paid. Tremendous experience and many repeat and referral sales.

  2. LARGE SELECTION - - Ya' can't sell out of an empty wagon - - a diverse large selection of Corvettes in one location in all conditions and price ranges.

  3. OWNED INVENTORY - You deal direct with the car's owner. PROTEAM!

  4. PERSONAL RESERVE COLLECTION - - The rarest of the rare. This collection reflects over 40 years of Corvette insight and opinion with only a select few considered for inclusion here. This listing opens the vault door on a few very special cars held and available for sale.

  5. PRIME LOCATION - - Very close to the Golden Triangle (I-75 and I-80/90)14 miles South of I-80/90 and 25 miles West of I-75 easy to get to - close to population and metro airports.

  6. WORK ETHIC - - Located in a wonderful small farm community. Napoleon offers employee resources that are not afraid to work and exhibit pride in their daily functions.

  7. COMPETITIVE PRICES - - Realistic prices matching quality. All cars are priced not only in our catalog but also on cars' information sheet and right here on our website. No Games!

  8. BUYING ONE CORVETTE is the beginning of a collection and buying your second Corvette is never the end.

  9. ACCURATE & COMPLETE DESCRIPTIONS - - We also utilize condition codes recognized by many national old car publications. Also a stock number system. No bait and switches.

  10. CUSTOMER SERVICE - - Follow up questionnaires to all of our buyers and visitors. Monitored daily with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

  11. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - - We offer a NO RISK purchase for our "mail order" shop from home customers. (see Money Back Guarantee)

  12. FULL SERVICE DEALERSHIP - - Complete restorations, service, parts, shipping, appraisals, export, tours, gift shop, etc.

  13. DELIVERY - - ProTeam offers insured transportation worldwide.

  14. PROTEAM STAFF - - Very dedicated and committed to service with a high standard of excellence.

  15. MEMBERSHIPS - - Founding member of National Corvette Museum, Bloomington Gold Official Sponsor, NCRS (1974, member #136), NCCC (1974), SACC (member #32), and many other clubs and chapters.

  16. THE INTERNET - - ProTeam maintains its complete catalog on the World Wide Web. Completely updated almost daily with new arrivals added upon arrival.

  17. FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE - - Check us out with the Chamber of Commerce, our banker, community leaders, past customers, and the Better Business Bureau.

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