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According to the website, (1) the odds of a vehicle being stolen were 1 in 196, (2) every 27 seconds a motor vehicle is stolen in the U.S., (3) the odds of a vehicle being stolen are 1 in 196, (4) less than 15 percent of auto thefts are cleared by arrests, (5) less 60% of stolen vehicles are recovered in the U.S. In an attempt to reunite owners and their Corvettes, we open this space to the lost and stolen Corvettes. We ask for VIN#, brief 25 word description and contact information. Phone, fax, or email ProTeam with details of the Corvette gone missing. REMINDER: It's always bad news when a Corvette is stolen but let us know when and how your missing Corvette comes back home. We'd love to know if we played a part in it's return.

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  1. 1976 Corvette: VIN #1Z37X6S405323. Stolen from Bear Creek, Alabama in August 2015. It was originally green now in primer. The car was in front of house of person hired to restore it. It was stolen while he was away. The police think it may be someone he knew (NW Alabama area). The 1976 has no interior and engine was not bolted in place. It was primed ready for paint. The new interior pieces (black) were stolen from his shop. Contact: Sudsy Rider,

  2. 1968 Corvette: VIN #194678S415008. Stolen from McDonald, Ohio on February 13th, 2013. A frame-off rebuild with alot of hard work and love.The car was Black with Black interior and Black top. It has a 305 dressed-up with alot of chrome and chrome headers into black fiberglass side pipes.There are a few things about this car that will let it stand out. There are (1) no back-up lights but the wires are there; fiberglass never cut and never installed. Next the (2) window sweeps have a double row of chrome. (3) The shifter is not original and the (4) boot is doubled. . Contact: Willis 330-646-5897,

  3. 1976 Corvette Stingray: serial #1Z37L65432013. Dark Candy Apple Red, Black leather interior, wood grain steering wheel, original rally wheels with chrome beauty rings, painted T-tops, original 350/Turbo 350 package, optional factory key switch alarm in the driver side fender. Tag number: (GA wildlife) 89211. This ‘vette was stolen on June 27th 2001 from I-20 about 15 miles east of the Alabama/Georgia line. Any information will helpful and information regarding the whereabouts of this vehicle will have a hefty cash reward! Contact: Chris Louis

  4. 1959 Corvette Convertible : serial #J59S100698. On March 21, 2008, this car was stolen from our home garage in Ronkonkoma, NY. Contact: Jessica Pedersen, 631.871.6323,

  5. 1964 Corvette Coupe: serial #40837S108472 (beneath the glove department at the Cross member), 327 Small-Block turbo fire with 4 speed. Stem-No.: 400.014.711  (beneath the glove department at the Cross member), Interior-Code: 490CA or 498CA, Motor founding-No.: 3782870, Pad-stamp : RC / RD, Color-Code: 932 or 932AA. Gold paint with Gold-brown interior (slight loss of color at the central console (watch picture corvette3). New side exhaust System, special air filter cover only recognizable from below (self-built), carburetor Holley, separate electronic engine pump, special CH plate in chrome. Damage of chrome at the rear bumper located next to the middle Part of the bumper. Radio and CD player in the glove department. Specialties: speedometer shows more than 320 km/h, front bumper as well as several screws made of chrome, trident wheel nut varnished in dark grey, radio antenna not entirely immersible, at full extension very long!, special annexation at clutch pedal, steering wheel shows breaches at the bottom part of the PVC GORGEOUS HIGHLY RESTORED VEHICLE stolen 23rd of June 2007 in Hockenheim/Schwetzingen / GERMANY at the Vette-Euro-Meet of the Swiss-Corvette Club Int. Out of a Hotel Garage FINDER’S REWARD GUARANTEED! photos available contact:

  6. 1966 Corvette Convertible: serial #194676S104123, Ca. plates Lic. 5APV295, tags exp. 12/26/06. Newly restored black on black with cloth top, 4 speed, 327. New paint is cracking around the door handles and on nose just in front of the hood and on the back lid deck down the spine. The door molding is coming off near the top of the driver side door along the windshield. The carpeting is fading on the passenger side floor. The old style seat belts that have the center clip are scratched and the new paint is flaking off. Good condition original radio in the center console (not hooked up). An aftermarket radio in the glove box is an alpine with base speakers mounted directly behind the seats. Stolen from Los Angeles, September 12th 2006 from driveway.  Contact: Larry Nelson, 353 n/ Van Ness Ave, Los Angeles, Ca. 90004 • 213-761-4105 •

  7. 1964 Corvette Convertible: serial # 40867S109781, Ia. plates Lic. #887BMN, The vehicle was a white convertible w/ red interior and a black top. It has a 327w/ 300 horsespower, 4spd manual, posi-traction. Last located in the Yuma, Az. area while in possession of Gerald "jerry" Pings.  Contact: Justin/Chris Shover, 762 Swift Ave. Fresno, Ca. 93705. • ph: 559-230-1310 •

  8. 1968 Corvette Convertible: serial # 194678S417901,  427 Big Block Cordovan Maroon with black soft top and black interior. Equipped with air cond, power windows, automatic trans. Stolen in December of 1969 from 6040 Blvd East, West new York New Jersey. Have sales slip from dealership which includes motor #, etc.  "Reward"  Contact:

  9. 1966 Corvette Convertible: licence plate  N.J. SDK-427, serial  # 194676S127239, Nassau Blue with hard top, 4sp, 427/425, 488's. It was a 427 L-72. STOLEN:  September 1970, from 197 W. Oakland Ave., Oakland, New Jersey. Still have the old registrations and serial numbers. Reward. Email

  10. 1967 Corvette Convertible: Serial #194677S108018, Goodwood Green with Black top and interior, factory air, power steering, AM/FM, ww tires. 327/300hp.3spd manual. STOLEN: in Devon, PA. in Aug, 1967. Email
  11. 1962 Corvette Convertible: VIN: 20867S110575, Fawn Beige paint and interior, 327-340 hp, 3 speed manual transmission. STOLEN: June 1971 from Summit Mall parking lot. No insurance pay-off on a then 9 year old car. Still not given up hope. Any information? Write: Ake's Missing '62, 309 West Street, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281.

  12. 1957 Corvette Convertible: VIN: E575106194, Brown automatic. "Originally purchased from Norman Motor Sales, 250 Park Street, Hartford, Conn. on 8/14/61. Last known to be in Springfield, MA." Email with any information.

  13. 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe: Licence plate: 63 Cpe, VIN #30837S118636. White with Saddle Tan interior. Fesh paint job in excellent condition (Spring of 2002). Restored to original with numbers matching. Power brakes, power steering, automatic, AM/FM. MISSING: Hasting, Mn, May 17, 2004. OWNERS: Kevin and Mary Dalaska, email with any information.

  14. 1966 Corvette convertible stolen,vin # 194676s109696. Reward for recovery of this car. The Corvette was dark blue metallic with a white conv. top. License plate is unknown since the owner card was in the car at time of theft. I have the title and keys. Also it was June of 1980 when it was stolen. I will never give up hope. Been searching since then. Mark
  15. 1967 convertible 390hp: factory A/C, power steering, brakes, leather, headrest, and seats. Corvette is painted red but a real yellow car. Yellow tag is dated H-15-CALIF AIR car with orginal 3815 dated carb ADDED SIDEPIPES-repro bolt-ons and redlines-will apy $5000 cash reward after return with no questions asked.I have the tank sticker. Contact Lynn Haas at

  16. 1967 Corvette convertible, VIN 194677S112011, stolen May 29th, 1975 in Wood River, Illinois, near St. Louis. Burgundy with white convertible top. 327 cu in, 4 speed, with side pipes. Dale Broadway, 698 Briarstone Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18017

  17. 1985 Chevrolet Corvette, Arizona Lic# 956 AJM. Cherry Red with black molding trim along the sides of the car. Custom soft black interior. Black Bra, gray primer nose. The Driver side rear quarter panel gray primer past the rear tire. 17 inch Centerlines. Stolen from Walmart on 15th ave and BethanyHome road, April 9th. Cash reward. Contact Wes Williams. HELP PLEASE with my wife gone, this car was all I had left.

  18. 1963 Corvette Stingray Convertible, VIN #308675S115271. Saddle Tan (metallic tan), black vinyl removable hardtop, peeling paint hood and deck, rusted thru rear bumpers, tan interior, very worn leather seats, red painted exhaust, white inside fenders, cooling system removed for repairs, minor accident damage to right rear, standard hub caps. UNUSUAL DETAIL: it had a hitch on the back. My dad has since passed so getting his favorite car back would mean the world to me. Any info that leads to its recovery - no questions asked: FINDER’S REWARD GUARANTEED! STOLEN: May 31st 1989 in Grand Ledge, MI - Contact Bob Patten: 517.282.8899

  19. 1968 Corvette T-Top , VIN # 194378S420636. My 1968 T-Top Corvette VIN# 194378S420636 was stolen from Lincoln, RI on or about January 18th, 2008. It has recently had frame off restoration. Color: Red. Reward offered for info that leads to its return. I have the matching #327 still so it would be nice to reunite the rest of the car with its original heart. Contact:
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