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ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection Needs You!! ProTeam has immediate openings - Be Part of a Winning team. Have a specific question or request -

We are finally seeing a bright light at the end of the tunnel as the economy continues to improve, ie: a) our inbound phone calls are up threefold, b) our inbound emails are up twofold, c) our sales are up threefold compared to 2009, d) headlines in automotive news are proclaiming sales are best since bust, e) Michigan automotive industry has shifted to a hiring mode. We are looking to fill the following positions:

a) prefer current college student (preferably within 80 miles of Napoleon)
b) webpage design
c) optimization (SEO)
d) marketing (SEM)
e) electronic mailings
f) social media
g) understands search engines, spiders, etc.
h) on-site or off-site
i) part time
j) Must be capable of showing us the options (tools) available and how to use them in ways that we can build audience quickly and measurably and explain it, demonstrate it, and provide some case histories how they have already done it.

a) proficient at uploading photos and text
b) must have at least three years experience.
c) This is an onsite (Napoleon, Ohio) position.

a) at least three years experience
b) proficient with computers, emails, digital cameras
c) eBay/Craigslist seller background a big plus
d) must be friendly, outgoing, and a communicator
e) must have good credit and non-criminal background
f) no drugs!
g) high pressure sales people need not apply
h) on site - Napoleon, Ohio
I) Salary, Hourly, Commission, or combination

a) at least one year experience
b) capable of installing seat covers, soft tops, and trim
c) no criminal background
d) no drugs!
e) on site - Napoleon, Ohio

If you are qualified for any of these positions, email or mail resume and cover letter to: ProTeam Corvette, PO Box 606, Napoleon, Ohio 43545. Do not call. Do not waste our time if only fulfilling your unemployment obligation!

ProTeam has the most dynamic collection of classic Corvettes in the world. Good work experience. Great Company with experience and vision.
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