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Terry Michaelis, President
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ProTeam Corvette Salesman

Terry L. Michaelis is one of the world's leading Corvette authorities and his company, ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales, showcases a large inventory of classic Corvettes and has sold more classic Corvettes than anyone in the world estimated at over 10,000 per an authoritative automobile publication.

As President of ProTeam, Michaelis oversees the "World Famous Classic Corvette Collection" Which at one time, he had 235 Corvettes in stock, valued at over $20 million. Headquartered in the rural community of Napoleon, Ohio, Michaelis coordinates ProTeam's daily operations and supplies Corvettes to customers from the U.S. and 38 countries around the globe.

Michaelis takes pride in the growth of the Corvette marketplace and what part he has played in the hobby's success. He scours the country to find as perfect a classic Corvette as possible for his client to start a collection, complete a collection, begin a love affair and fuel their passion for Corvettes.

Michaelis brings a wealth of automotive passion, enthusiasm, wide-ranging sales experience, and an in-depth knowledge of all things Corvette to ProTeam. Since infancy, he has had a love affair with the Corvette. In the 60s, as Corvettes were introduced to the market, Michaelis immediately became an enthusiast on the marque. In the 70s, he quickly realized their business potential as well as awesome engineering and styling.

The foundation for ProTeam was laid over 40 years ago when Michaelis worked selling used cars at his cousin's Ohio dealership in 1971. On his 21st birthday, he applied for a used car dealer's license and owned his dealership soon after. In 1974, Michaelis bought his first "wrecked" Corvette, a 1961 for which he paid $250. Within a week he sold the car's hardtop for $300 and soon was providing precious parts for Corvette collectors and restorers across the country. By the mid-1970s, Michaelis was the established "King" of Corvette aftermarket parts and was in charge of a company with close to 200 employees that was grossing $500,000 per month in sales.

By the mid-1980s, the collector car market exploded and prices for Corvettes surged; it became more feasible to repair and restore older cars than to part them out. With collectors clamoring for restored and Concours-quality vehicles, Michaelis and his brother formed ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales in 1987 and began buying Corvettes, often 30 or more at a time, and selling over 300 cars annually.

Today, the Michaelis brothers have positioned ProTeam to be the nation's leading source of investment grade Corvettes, furthered the expansion of the Corvette Market and now serves as a consultant to the Corvette industry. His expertise on the Corvette market has been featured in publications including Automotive News, Auto Age, Motor Trend, Super Chevy, Corvette Quarterly, Corvette Magazine, Country Living Magazine, SPEEDtv, Morot Trend radio, WSPD 1370 am, Hot Rod Corvette, Corvette Enthusiast Magazine, Toledo Business News, Autoweek, the Associated Press, and hundreds of radio stations/newspapers across the United States.

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