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1022E...1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe RPO-Z06 Fuelie, 327-360 hp, 4 speed, numbers match, (The Real Deal) and also has factory original body/trim tag, 39,000 actual miles. Riverside Red paint with White racing stripes and Black interior. The racing stripes and chrome wheels were added by the delivering dealer when new. This is an original unmolested car including paint, interior, window glass, motor, transmission, and rear end. These original unmolested cars are among the rarest of rare and are rising to the top of the Corvette food chain as unrestored cars are used as guideposts for restorers, shining a light on the way vehicles were originally built. Recent affirmation by CCAS, LLC/Al Grenning as to the legitimacy and originality of the cylinder case (engine block), engine pad and stamping. Bloomington Gold Benchmark award in 2013 which includes Gold and Survivor certification awards. Also has multiple NCRS certifications including Top Flight (2002) and Bowtie (2000) and includes the NCRS confirmation of existence of judging awards (six). The expenses involved in obtaining these awards could surely exceed $20,000.00. This one owner Z06 (until a few years ago) was used by GM in their re-launch of the 2001 Z06 and is pictured in the 2001 Z06 sales brochure. The Z06 special performance option appeared on only 199 Corvettes and cost $1,818.45 which was almost 50% of the base price. This option included special heavy duty metallic brakes with finned drums and cooling fans, special one-year only master cylinder and special heavy duty suspension. Optioned with power brakes, 3.70 posi, Z06 heavy duty metallic brakes with finned drums and air scoops, Z06 special heavy duty suspension, AM/FM radio, fuel injection, 2 sets of wheels/tires and 1963 hubcaps (NOS). Most all factory type components including the spare, jack, jack tools, K.O. wheel hammer, clear floor mats, shocks, seat belts, washer system, shifter, shielding, air cleaner, alternator, idler pulley, distributor, heads, F.I. unit, F.I. fuel filter, 7 leaf spring, all dated shocks, front sway bar, Z06 dual master cylinder, ball joints, hoses, hose clamps, exhaust heat shields, radiator, expansion tank, finned balancer, starter, gas door assembly, Bowtie mirror, glove box door, cookie tin hood, warranty book, owners manual, sales brochure, and T-3 headlights. Documented with the dealer invoice, letters from GM, owners manual packet, plaque from Corvette Museum, NCRS awards, certificates, judging sheets, owners card, patch, pin, keys, GM 2001 Z06 re-launch brochure (with this car), receipts dating back to 1963, Z06 survey, photos of the original owner of 43 years, fuel fill-up log, maintenance log, and 1963 license plates. Production date of July 24th, 1963 and delivered new by Jack Schwirtz Chevrolet in Elizabeth, IL (dealer code 591 in zone 61) per the official NCRS/GM Shipping Data Records (SDR). Click Here to read about this phenomenal Red Z06 split window. Also editorialized in the June 2002 VETTE Magazine (cover and inside). Click Here to read previous owner's statement. This phenomenal car is a very late production Z06 and one of the last produced and a pinnacle of preservation. 1963 “The Year of the Z”! 199 Z06 special performance weapons grade competition warriors were built to compete on the road courses of America and Europe early in the 1960’s. An equivalent of the US Army’s Green Berets. Looks, runs, and drives excellent and is a true treasure. P.O.R. Widely regarded as the best original unrestored and legitimate Z06 in the world! CC:1 email: PRC = Personal Reserve Collection
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