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Inspections & Appraisals
Please review the below list of companies that perform inspections and appraisals of collector cars. ProTeam also provides an inspection service (Corvettes only) and will back up stated values with 5 to 8 different price guides. Also many GM dealers will perform an inspection of a collector car and report a list of faults. As a possible old car purchaser you should always provide the inspection company with a list of your concerns. Please contact these companies direct.

WARNING: Infrequently used, long stored and newly restored automobiles frequently develop failures and problems during break-in for re-use. Expect these failures! The best running and most reliable automobiles are those used on a regular basis. Some problems may be but are not limited to: a) old gas varnish, b) hydro-lock, especially fuelies, c) brake pull, especially pre-1965 drum brake cars with wheel cylinders, d) minor oil leaks, especially the rear main seal.

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APAC-1, Inc.
6176 Lookover Ct.
Toledo, Oh. 43612
PH: 419-478-7757
FAX: 419-478-4094
Ferguson & Assoc.
59-1 Rowland Rd.
Old Lyme, Ct. 06371
PH: 860-434-1240

Top Hat John
P.O. Box 46024
Mt. Clemens, Mi. 48046-6024
c/o John Jos. Jendza III
PH: 586-465-1933

Supercar Specialties, Inc.
complete restoration service
Scott Tiemann, owner
11817 E. Grand River
Portland, Mi. 48875
PH: 517-647-2433
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